Organic Mg Tablets

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Magnesium is the second most prevalent electrolyte in the human body. Deficiencies of this essential dietary mineral are common, especially in developed countries where deficiencies can contribute to high blood pressure, impaired glucose tolerance (linked to Diabetes) and excessive neural excitation linked to circuit dysfunction seen in many neurological diseases.

Magnesium deficiencies are common in developed countries due to the dominance of grains in the diet, which are poor sources of magnesium. Better sources of magnesium include nuts and leafy vegetables, but these are eaten infrequently in the western world.

Magnesium can be supplemented to attenuate a deficiency, it acts as a sedative, reduces blood pressure and improves insulin sensitivity leading to better management of blood sugar and long-term health.


Features and Benefits of Magnesium


DY Nutrition magnesium comes in the form of Magnesium Citrate. Peer-reviewed evidence states that this is a better choice for supplementation due to its favourable absorption, resulting in less digestive side-effects such as bloating, or diarrhoea associated with other, cheaper forms of magnesium.

Magnesium supplementation is an effective way of achieving and maintaining normal levels of magnesium in the body, which is associated with a whole raft of benefits, including:

- Protective effect against depression and ADHD

- Reduction of tiredness and fatigue

- Maintenance of normal muscles, bones and teeth

- Normal energy-yielding metabolism and reduction of tiredness

- Normal function of the nervous system

- Normal function of the immune system

- Effective metabolism of protein and glycogen (stored glucose)

- Normal red blood cell formation for oxygen and energy delivery



Each DY Nutrition Organic Magnesium tablet delivers 125mg of readily absorbed Magnesium citrate. Our recommended serving of 3 tablets per day provides 375mg Magnesium delivering 100% of the daily recommendation.


Directions of use: As a dietary supplement, take 1 tablet 3 times daily, with plenty of water. For maximum benefit, consume daily as per directions.

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