Muscle Force Pre-Workout

€13,61 EUR

The epitome of convenience, the embodiment of potency, our DY Nutrition Muscle Force pre-workout shot is meticulously formulated to bring you the ingredients needed for a focussed and ultra-effective workout/session.

Depending on how you take Muscle Force, it can either kick start you ready for a gritty weights session, or the moderate caffeine and high Beta-alanine content can deliver the energy promoting, fatigue delaying qualities needed for a focussed and productive session whether it be lifting weights, doing a HIT or HIIT session, a Met-con or even a spin class or body combat session.

The deliberate inclusion of Beta-alanine means you can train harder for longer, it enhances focus when coupled with caffeine, and it will suppress any mid-session ‘energy crash’ thanks to the moderate caffeine content and optimal Beta-alanine dose.

Couple this with the inclusion of B vitamins for cellular energy production, as well as Taurine for deeper focus and reduced muscle fatigue…and you have a ‘go to’ pre-workout that can sit in the glove box of your car, gym bag or pocket for when you need it most.



Consume 1 serving (60ml shot) approximately 15-20 minutes before exercise.

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